Director Jan van Dijk bids farewell to Holland Heater

Director Jan van Dijk bids farewell to Holland Heater

On 1 March 2023, Jan van Dijk will be leaving Holland Heater, the company that his father Jan Sr. founded in 1976. Since then, the company has grown from its humble beginnings in De Lier into a globally renowned manufacturer of CO2 and heating equipment for greenhouse horticulture and agriculture. Holland Heater will now be headed by three experienced employees: commercial manager Hans Koornneef, financial manager Monica Rodenburg and head of production planning Robert Nijding.

Jan van Dijk began his career as a field technician at Holland Heater. He was later promoted to workplace manager and in 1998 he took over the reigns from his father. A quarter of a century later, Jan has decided it’s time to say farewell to the family business. “I’m 56 years old and at this age there is still time to explore other avenues. However, I may still be involved in Holland Heater from the sidelines. And I know I’m leaving the company in expert hands,” says Jan van Dijk. He expresses his gratitude to all those who have placed their trust in him over the years.

Pioneer in hot-air heaters
In 1976, Holland Heater was one of the pioneers of gas heating in horticulture. By developing hot-air heaters in-house, the company offered growers a cost-effective solution that allowed them to continue growing in the winter months. In those days, Holland Heater did business with growers directly as a manufacturer and installer. The company’s activities also included maintenance and service.

Over time, the focus shifted towards development and manufacturing. A worldwide network of dealers is now responsible for sales, installation and service. Holland Heater’s dealers are located across the globe, spanning from Europe to Asia and the Middle East to South Africa.

*Greenhouse horticulture and intensive livestock farming*
Nowadays, Holland Heater supplies a range of hot-air heaters, fans and dehumidifiers. The company no longer exclusively supplies to greenhouse horticulture customers; these days, intensive cattle farms are an important sales market too. The current management team at Holland Heater will forge ahead with these activities. These three successors possess a wealth of experience between them, as Monica Rodenburg, Robert Nijding and Hans Koornneef have worked for Holland Heater for 33 years, 13 years and 8 years, respectively. They will be supported by managing director of Roxell, Gino Van Landuyt.

In 2021, Holland Heater was acquired by the Belgian Roxell, which is part of CTB, a large American company. Both Roxell and CTB hold a strong position in the agriculture sector, which smooths the path for Holland Heater’s international expansion.