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LTU indirect fired gasheaters (horizontal)

High requirements are set for heating barns. The new LTU heater easily satisfies these requirements and offers the ideal solution for barns where the well-being of animals, increased production, and lower costs are priorities. Besides the 80kW model the LTU heater is also available in 100kW.

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    • Available in 80 and 100 kW
    • Available for natural gas and propane
    • Heat-resistant stainless steel burner chamber
    • Stainless steel casing
    • Electronic ignition
    • Electronic components in a separate cabinet
    • Sensor flame protection
    • Optimal air quality thanks to a closed combustion system without CO2 or moisture emissions and a supply of fresh outdoor air. This results among other things in drier litter and promotes the wellbeing of animals which leads to increased production.
    • Less ventilation so lower heating and ventilation costs because CO2 and moisture emissions in the barn do not occur with this type of heater.
    • The LTU series ensures a significant reduction of ammonia (NH3). Satisfies the Regeling Ammoniak Veehouderij (RAV – Livestock Farm Ammonia Regulation) guidelines.
    • Optimal heat distribution in the barn due to a horizontal air flow up to 70 meter!
    • LTU heater does not use any oxygen from the barn for combustion, but uses outdoor air suction that is pre-heated by the extracted flue gasses via a double-wall flue. This benefits the yield
    • Labour saving thanks to easy cleaning of the appliance. The appliance is easy to open so it can be cleaned easily.
    • Finished in stainless steel casing with excellent protection against moisture and dust. This safeguards the long lifetime of the appliance, despite intensive cleaning
    • The direct ignition and burner operation are controlled by means of an ionization probe. When the flame goes out or the heater does not ignite, the gas supply is interrupted directly by the burner controller. Safety is paramount!
    • Control possible with a climate computer or environment thermostat.
    MODEL: LTU Series   LTU 80 LTU 100
    Nominal load kW 80 100
    Air displacement m³/h 7500 10500
    Consumption natural gas (G20) m³/h 8.47 11.11
    Consumption natural gas (G25) m³/h 9.85 12.92
    Consumption propane (G31) kg/h 6.24 8.19
    Motor capacity Watt 870 1790
    Mains power Volt 230 230
    Frequency Hz 50 50
    Rotational speed fan R. p/m 1370 1390
    Throw meter 50 70
    Weight Kg 155 195
    Length cm 202 202
    Breadth cm 65.2 85.3
    Height cm 107.5 116.2

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